I’m Lively.

I’m a creative digital marketing and business development consultant. I’m looking for projects to get my teeth in to and people to help.
Up until very recently I was Head of Marketing at Pimoroni an Electronics manufacturer. I was Business Development Manager at Joi Polloi a creative digital agency. I was Business Development Director at Team Cooper a work for hire games agency I helped my husband Tim to grow over a 6 year period.
I’ve pitched for, produced and worked on interactive content now for quite a long time. I’ve been working in digital media for over 17 years. Working across different sectors in many different roles. Focusing on how much fun humans have when they interact with technology. I care a lot about the people at both ends of the process, the makers and the users. I’ve worked on two BAFTA nominated projects, the one that didn’t win was with Dick ‘n’ Dom and the one that did was on the International Space station.

I sit on the Advisory Board for The Children’s Media Conference and I’m co-curator of Playground, an interactive arts exhibition for children in Sheffield.

I have had lots of success and lots of failure and now I’m looking for something new. I’ve set up Lively as the vehicle to get me to the next thing.

Striving for that elusive work life balance? Yeah, me too, and I’m still working on it. I’m starting to accept it’s a constant balancing act. I am offering business development and marketing consultancy with this in mind. Finding and creating a joy in life. Making business manageable, sustainable and work for a joyful life.

I want to help people understand the value of their work and then find an audience that agrees with that value. Investing time on personal values and then setting goals with them in mind. Making plans to move towards your goals at your own pace.

Get in touch if you’d like me to help.

Lovely friendly icons used under Creative Commons by Allie on The Noun Project
The excellent photo of my face is used with kind permission from the Beast, Tamar Millen.
The magnificent coat isn’t mine sadly, it actually belongs to the Vibe Auriel Majumdar.